Web rich editor of using Typescript develop, little、terse、easyUse、free and Open Source

Strive to become open source web rich editor of best user experience.

Why Select wangEditor

Get Started

You can use `npm i wangEditor --save` to install wangEditor, then using a little code create a rich editor.

import E from 'wangeditor'
const editor = new E('#div1')

You can see the usage document to get more config.


Online demo

Notice, if you do not open the Online demo, you can see Github examples.

Browser Compatibility

  • Support model browser, IE11+
  • Not support mobile and iPad



We welcome to the contributor of not a team number. If you want to submit Pull Request, please refer to contributing guide.

Contributors team

wangEditor has an open source team to maintain the project, open source can ensuring question、fix bug and iteration effect.

view develop team or join us


If you feel having gained, welcome sponsor to us, that can encourage us to produce more perfect open source content.