wangEditor 5

Open source web rich text editor, run right out of the box, config simply.

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Easy to use

Quick use, easy config, few codes will create an editor. Integrate all basic functions, No need to secondary develop.

Support JS Vue React

Independent of any third-party frameworks, you can use it in jQuery, Vue, React. We supply official Vue React components.

Resolved 5000+ issues

wangEditor open source for many years, many users committed many issues. We have resolved 5000+ Github issues and will go on.

Easy usage

You can create a fully functional rich-text editor with 10 lines of code. See demoopen in new window. You can use official component in Vue or React.

import '@wangeditor/editor/dist/css/style.css'
import { createEditor, createToolbar } from '@wangeditor/editor'

// Create editor
const editor = createEditor({
  selector: '#editor-container'
// Create toolbar
const toolbar = createToolbar({
  selector: '#toolbar-container'


  • Support most PC browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
  • Not support mobile editing at the moment (Support mobile viewing)
  • No longer support IE browser



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