History Setting

There are two ways to set History mode: standard mode(for modern browsers) and compatible mode (for IE and old Edge).You can set history mode by editor.config.compatibleMode. And about the max size of History, you can set it by editor.config.historyMaxSize. The following shows how to use them.

The editor.config.onchangeTimeout can be used to set the delay time of History records (when users are not active after x millisecond) on compatible mode.

const E = window.wangEditor
const editor = new E("#div1")

// by default,IE and old Edge use compatible mode,if you want to set the mode for other browsers, you can set a function.
editor.config.compatibleMode = function () {
    // return true for compatible mode, otherwise return false for standard mode.
    return true

// when we use compatible mode, we can set recording time by onchangeTimeout,the default value is 200 ms.
editor.config.onchangeTimeout = 500 // change to 500 ms

// you aslo can set max size for history, the default value is 30.
editor.config.historyMaxSize = 50 // change to 50

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