Set Onchange Callback

When the onchange function set, it will be executed automatically after the content change due to user's actions, such as mouse click, keyboard typing and so on.

In the default case , onchange will executed automatically when the use does not operate for 200ms. If you want change delay time of onchange, you can use editor.config.onchangeTimeout property. More info about it, you can see set history config

const E = window.wangEditor
const editor = new E("#div1")

// set onchange callback
editor.config.onchange = function (newHtml) {
    console.log('new html when change before', newHtml)
// set the execution frequency of onchange, it's initialized to 200 milliseconds.
editor.config.onchangeTimeout = 500 // Change to 500 ms



Set onSelectionChange Callback


When the onSelectionChange function set,the user's selection operation (mouse select text, Ctrl + a select all ...) will automatically trigger the onSelectionChange function

Three callback parameters are text, HTML and selection, which are currently selected text, currently selected HTML and native selection object

const E = window.wangEditor;
const editor = new E("#div1");
// set onSelectionChange callback
editor.config.onSelectionChange = function (newSelection) {
  console.log("onSelectionChange", newSelection);
       text:'wangeditor', // currently selected text
       html: '<p>wangeditor</p>', // currently selected HTML
       selection: selection, // native selection object
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