Upload Img to OSS

You can reference upload image by yourself to achieve the feature of uploading img to OSS service.

First, you should install OSS tool then coding as follows:

// Every value should be got from Alibaba Cloud's control panel
let client = new OSS({
  // region: '<Your region>',
  // accessKeyId: '<Your AccessKeyId>',
  // accessKeySecret: '<Your AccessKeySecret>',
  // bucket: 'Your bucket name',

editor.config.customUploadImg = function (resultFiles, insertImgFn) {
    // resultFiles is files that input select.
    // insertImgFn is a function that get img url to insert editor.
    client.put('myImg', resultFiles[0])
      .then(function (res) {
        // Uploading img and return result, then insert img to editor.
      }).catch(function (err) {

In China, most of developers use Alibaba Cloud service, but you can choose cloud service which you like.

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